10 surprising things found intact in ice

Ice is a force of nature. It creates beautiful sceneries, and it has the ability to keep things intact from the sands of time. Here are 10 things found in ice.


Many things buried and preserved in the ice have been discovered. From animals to objects, ice preserves these in conditions rarely seen. Here are 10 discoveries made in the depths of the ice.

10The frozen fox

ABC News

Sometimes the animals that scientists find in the ice are more contemporary. And that makes sense: modern animals can freeze in ice just like those that existed at the time.

This creature was found by a hunter in a German lake. This specimen was not the first one found by this hunter. He also claims to have found a wild deer and wild boar before this fox. Now, we don’t know if that’s true, but what we do know is that the fox must be displayed as an Arctic appendix in a German hotel.