20 Items You Should Buy At Costco And 10 You Shouldn’t!

Costco is a store that allows you to save money. Be aware, however, that you will be more successful if you buy certain items in other stores. You are the happy owner of a Costco membership carb or you are thinking of getting one? Learn what you should and should not put on your shopping list before heading into the warehouse.


Costco is known for offering great savings to its consumers. Most of the people in this store only go there to buy certain products in bulk, such as olive oil or golf balls. This is because the items are so big that it is not always smart to purchase them. They will only go to waste. It is not always advantageous to shop in this gigantic warehouse. While you buy certain products, food items and other necessities in a regular store, pharmacy or grocery store in order to prevent wasting money and food, heading to Costco every now and then can be extremely beneficial to your wallet.

While you should still buy some of your products in other stores, you must discover what is sold at Costco that should absolutely make it to your shopping list and into your larger-than-nature shopping cart and what to skip. Here are 20 products to buy from Costco and 10 products to avoid when shopping in this store.

1Buy: fresh eggs

Parashkevov sees two advantages to buying eggs from Costco: excellent prices and variety.

“They have a surprising choice when it comes to eggs,” he says. You can buy everything from conventional eggs to outdoor eggs, all at a lower cost than in many other grocery stores.”

Prices vary by region, but Reddit users have reported prices below $5 for five dozen eggs and $3 for three dozen eggs in their local stores.