You’ve Been Eating These 13 Foods Wrong Your Entire Life

These foods are delicious to eat but also very annoying to eat since they require many steps and a lot of time. These hacks will help make your life easier.


Do you ever grab a kiwi or an orange on your way out but then put it back on the counter because you tell yourself you’ll never actually eat that fruit since it’s so difficult to eat if you’re not sitting down at a table with a plate, knife and tons of paper towels? Fear not, there are solutions to this annoying problem. Discover which 13 foods you’ve been eating wrong all your life.

1. Strawberries

Use a straw to remove the stem by pushing it through the strawberry from bottom to top. You’ll get more fruit for your buck than if you just cut the top of the strawberry.

2. Bananas

Friends, you’ve been eating bananas the wrong way all your life. Instead of peeling it from the stem, turn it upside down and squeeze the little end. This will “pop” open your banana.

3. Cupcakes

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Eating a cupcake is awkward since you almost never have a knife to cut it in little pieces so you need to take huge bites, which usually concludes in having icing and crumbs everywhere on your face. Twist your cupcake so it breaks in half and make a “sandwich” with the two pieces of the cupcake.

4. Oranges

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Make your life easier and use this trick to peel your oranges. Start by cutting the top and bottom half of your orange then cut the side of the peel until it reaches the middle of the fruit. Once that is done, all you need to do is spread the skin open and pick and choose your orange bits.

5. Chinese Take-Out


Take-out containers keep your food hot but sometimes it keeps it too hot. If you want to eat your stir-fry without burning your tongue, just break down the box so it becomes your plate.

6. Mango

This delicious fruit is one of the most annoying foods to prepare because of the giant seed in the middle. This won’t be a problem anymore. Slice your mango, remove the seed and slide the slices down a drinking glass for perfect pieces of this yummy fruit.

7. Pomegranate

Oh, boy. This is the most annoying food to open/peel in the world. Make your life easier by cutting your pomegranate in half, and lightly tapping both halves with the back of a wooden spoon so the seeds fall. Easy as pie.

8. Boiled eggs

Removing the shell of a boiled egg takes (too much) time and effort. Add a teaspoon of baking soda in your cooking water when boiling eggs. The baking soda will make the water alkaline, which will help loosen the bond between the egg whites and the shell. Removing the shell will be much easier!

9. Lettuce wrap for tacos

Hard-shell tacos are delicious but also very messy. Prevent a mess by wrapping your taco with a large piece of romaine lettuce.

10. Ice cream brick

Stop using a knife to cut your frozen treat. Run hot water over the closed tub for 20 seconds so your ice cream can easily slide out of the container and into your bowl.

11. Slicing kiwi

Don’t peel the skin of your kiwi if you don’t want to waste any of the fruit. Instead, cut the fruit in half and scoop out the fruit.

12. Avocados


Like a kiwi, just cut your avocado in half and scoop out the good stuff for a yummy treat.

13. Cherry or plum tomatoes


Cutting one cherry tomato after another is way too long. Place all the tomatoes you want to cut on a plate and then put a plate on top of the tomatoes and press gently. Use a knife to cut through all your tomatoes. Easy!

Source: Food.ndtv