7 fruits and vegetables that don’t need peeling

Fruits and vegetables are filled with tons of vitamins and minerals that help you stay healthy, especially with their skin on! Some of them have healthy benefits, like fiber, minerals and vitamins. Carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, apples and eggplants should keep their skin on, they don't have to be peeled off!


Yes, most fruits and vegetables we buy in store are dirty from being handled and shipped around the world. However, before you remove the peel from every single one of your fruits and veggies, know these peeling are healthy and good for the body. A good wash is all they need to be cleaned up, and then eaten with delight! Here are 7 fruits and vegetables that can be eaten with their peel!

1. Potato

Unless you’re making mashed potatoes, we highly suggest you keep the peel on potatoes. Filled with vitamin C and minerals, the peel is also filled with fibre. Just wash it and scrub it with a little brush (like an unused toothbrush) before boiling or baking it.

2. Eggplant


Eggplant skin is filled with a phytonutrient called nasunin, which is filled with antioxidants that can help with ageing and diseases. Next time you make eggplant parmesan, skip the peeling step!

3. Sweet potato


Sweet potato skin is filled with vitamin C, potassium and betacarotene.

4. Cucumber

Stop peeling your cucumbers because the skin is filled with antioxidants and fibre.

5. Carrots

The peel has tons of antioxdants so you should definitely stop removing it. Just remember to wash your carrots before eating them.

6. Parsnip

Just like carrots, parsnips have tons of antioxidants in their skin. Roast these with the peel on for a delicious side dish.

7. Apples


Some people peel their apples because they have trouble digesting the skin. However, the skin is full of fibre and also helps make you feel full. The skin is also rich in vitamin C, quercetin and triterpenoid, which can help against cancer.

Source: Planète Zen