How to make your cut flowers last longer

Keep your fresh cut flowers longer with these handy tips to extend the life of the pretty bouquets of flowers in your home.


Cut flowers are the perfect touch to embellish a house and give it a delicious aroma. The only problem is their limited life span. However, there are ways to extend the beautiful days of your cut flowers. Here’s a tip to bring joy to your home and make your pretty bouquets of flowers fade more slowly.

4. Ingredients

10 ml white vinegar
1 teaspoon powdered sugar
250 ml water at room temperature

3. Equipment

A clean vase

2. Steps to follow to preserve flowers

1. First, remove the bottom leaves. This will prevent them from soaking in water and moulding at the bottom of the vase.
2. Cut the stems at an angle about 2 cm from the bottom.
3. Pour the vinegar and powdered sugar into a clean vase.
4. Fill the vessel with water.

1. Maintenance


Cut the stems of the flowers every 2 days.

Source : Grands-mè