12 Genius Uses For Muffin Pans That Will Make Your Guests Jealous

Thought muffins was the only thing you could make with a muffin pan? Think again. There are multiple surprising things that can be done with your old and new muffin trays. Turns out that they can be very useful for other things than baking the perfect cupcakes for your kids' birthdays! Here are some amazing unusual uses for muffins tins.


Optimize the life of your muffin trays. Whether they are still serving their main purpose – baking muffins – or are ready for a new life, old and new muffin tins will simplify your life in sometimes fun, sometimes original and always practical ways. From helping you bring order back in your life and the parts of the house most well-known for being messy and cooking incredible and fun surprising meals to doing arts and crafts with your kids and even growing plants, muffin trays might very well become a very valuable object in your home and even in your garden!

So if you don’t have extra pans that you are not actually using to bake muffins and cupcakes, you might want to head to the store to get some new ones. You are about to discover everything that can be done with them! Here are brilliant ideas to make the most of your muffin pans.

12. Snack Tray

Make perfectly portioned assorted snacks for your child’s play dates or everyday munch-time.

11. Stuffed Peppers Holder

Make odd numbers of stuffed peppers and never have them tilt and spill again.

10. Condiments Organizer

Summer garden party barbecue made easy.

9. Make Lemon Ice Cubes

Fresh, tasty ice cubes every time.

8. Hardware Storage

Never waste time looking for the right screw again.

7. A mini-planter

Just the cutest thing.

6. Make Mini Taco Bowls

Just cut tortillas, bake them in a muffin pan filled or empty and you’ve got yourself the perfect finger food.

5. Or Any Other kind

Breakfast bites, bacon cups, eggs bites, mini pies, mac and cheese cups, perfect little corn dogs and the list goes on.

4. Recycle Old Broken Crayons

Recycle old broken crayons by melting the little pieces together in a muffin pan and making new ones.

3. Make Cookie Cups

The ultimate ice cream cup.

2. Paint tray

Keep it mess-free.

1. Freeze Oatmeal in Portions

Perfect to save time in the morning and individual portioning. Do the same with soups and broths.

Source: Eternally Sunny