Vintage Ads That Could Never Be Approved In This Day And Age

Oh how times have changed. And often times, it is for the best. At least, it is in the case of what you are about to see and read. In fact, we can't believe that even then, someone approved of these ads and they were published for all to see. Thankfully, advertisers today don't think the same way nor do they use the same tactics.


If you’ve watched the hit tv show Mad Men, you probably noticed that it was mostly men (especially at the beginning) who were creating the advertisements back in the days. And as you might know, the women condition a few decades ago was more than lamentable.  Fortunately, things have changed. That being said, the advertisements in newspapers and magazine of the 1930s, 40s, 50s, and 60s, were often incredibly sexist towards women. We are sure that most people did not even get mad or were even bothered at the time of reading those during those years, since the ads only reflect the reality of the period.

Wonder what some of the advertisements that were published a long time and would never ever make it today ago looks like? Get ready to be shocked before taking a look at these vintage ads and see for yourself.

1. Ties


This one dates from 1951 and would thankfully never be allowed to get printed today. Men should definitely not buy a tie thinking that’s the way to get a woman.

2. Chase & Sanborn


We can’t believe this ad was ever published! Hitting his wife because the coffee was stale and not fresh? This 1950 ad should be buried and never shown again.

3. Conoco


Of course, spraying a woman with a hose to prove her dress won’t wrinkle or get damaged is totally normal. Not. 1952 was definitely no different.

4. Chlorodent


Morning breath is not a reason to ditch your girlfriend or wife. This brand was selling this toothpaste so women would know how to keep their men. Give us a break.

5. Lose weight


Published in 1958, this ad promoted ironized yeast to gain weight to attract men. In the 50s, no man wanted a skinny woman. And people wonder why women have eating disorders…

6. Lysol


Marriages fail because of women. Right. This idiotic Lysol ad from 1953 offered women “marriage counselling”. No thanks.

7. United States Department of Defense


“Turns out you gals are useful after all.” Is this a weird way for men to ask women for help? Women did amazing work during WWII. Let’s not forget.

8. Broomsticks slacks


Are we the only ones who think this image looks very inappropriate? This brand tried to convince that wearing their pants would make men get the woman of their dream. Yeah, right.

9. Ringlet bras


In 1952, if you didn’t have a big chest, you could never be a 10. This bra advertisement is ridiculous and makes us want to scream.

10. Clinic


Loose women carry diseases but not loose men apparently! Picking up a loose woman on the street in 1945 could ruin your life forever. Sure…

11. Pitney-Bowes


This is an abominable advertisement. It baffles us that a company would print this ad in 1947.

12. Kellog’s PEP


A woman in the 1930s would clean and cook all day for her husband. She needed extra energy to finish all her tasks before being allowed to rest. We are happy times have changed.

Source: Canoodlesoup