12 Facts About Left Handed People Most People Don’t Know

Left-handed people have been hated, ignored and studied like wild animals for many years. But where does this particularity come from and what else does it entail other than the need for specialized scissors? Curious to know more about left-handed people? Discover 12 interesting and unknown facts about lefties.


There was a time when left-handed people were systemically marginalized from society and hated by many for no apparent reason. Back in the days, left-handed kids were even thought to use their right hand and even punished for using their left one. Parents and teachers would force their left-handed children to learn how to use their right hand so they could fit in with the other children. Of course and thankfully, times have changed. We still see these people as different but in a good way.

Did you know that only 10-12% of people on earth are lefties? And this special characteristic might mean more than simply which hand lefties like to use to write, draw, hold their fork and so much more. Wonder what special particularities are specific to left-handed people? Discover 12 facts about them so you can share them with your lefty friends.

1. Lefties are smart


Mensa International, a high IQ organization, boasts that 20% of its members are left-handed. Next time you choose a spot in a class, try to sit next to a left-handed person so they can help you ace that class.

2. Lefties are crazy


Studies show that around 40% of schizophrenics are left-handed. Yikes. It is also proven that people who suffer from ADHD and dyslexia are often left-handed.

3. Lefties are more likely to be gay


No, being left-handed doesn’t automatically mean you are gay but some studies have shown that there are many more lesbians and gay who are left-handed than right-handed. However, these statistics aren’t entirely conclusive.

4. Lefties develop survival tactics


The army does not develop tools and weapons for both righties and lefties so lefties have to adapt themselves to survive at war. This makes them work twice as hard as their righty cousins.

5. The Devil is left-handed


Apparently, the Devil himself is left-handed. Paintings that depict the Devil show him using his left hand instead of his right hand. Women who were left-handed during the Salem witch hunts were automatically considered to be witches.

6. Lefties love to party


Researchers have discovered that left handed people drink more often than righties. However, even though they might drink more, they aren’t more prone to being alcoholic than right-handers.

7. Lefties think outside the box


Scientists have discovered that left-handed people have more of a “divergent” thinking (they think outside the box) process. The right hemisphere of the brain, which controls the left hand, is all about abstract, conceptual and theoretical stuff while the left side is more about languages and facts. This might prove why many artists like Michelangelo are left-handed.

8. Lefties celebrate their diversity


August 13 is Left Hander’s Day and there’s even a Left-Hander’s Club that’s been around since the 1990s. This group promotes a greater understanding of their daily challenges.

9. There weren’t a lot of lefties in the caveman era


A study found that 93% of the Neanderthal skeletons found in a cave in Spain were right-handed. This proves that the majority of humans have been right-handed since the beginning of time.

10. Lefties think with the right side of their brain


The right hemisphere of the brain controls the left side and the left hemisphere controls the right side. This is why we often see this phrase: “Left handed people are the only ones in their right mind.”

11. There are many lefty astronauts


There have been many lefty astronauts, about 1 in 4 Apollo astronauts have been left-handed.

12. Lefties are more emotionally volatile


Studies have shown that left-handed people are more likely to experience anti-social emotions like anger and hostility than right-handed people. This means lefties are more emotionally volatile than righties.

Source: 12facts