Here Are 10 Amazing Things You Should Know About President Donald Trump

Just because you think you know everything about the President of the United States does not mean that it is. Here are 10 surprising things to know about Donald Trump.


As you know, Donald Trump won the American elections and is the President of the United States. He is also a key figure in the world of business, media, and entertainment. However, since Trump entered the world of politics, it has had incessant media coverage. You probably think you know everything about this politician, but you might be very surprised by what you discover about him. Here are 10 things you probably don’t know about Donald Trump.

1. Donald Trump’s companies have declared bankruptcy 4 times

Despite the fact that Mr. Trump did not personally declare bankruptcy, his various companies did so four times. Before becoming president or even a reality TV star, Trump was known as a real estate tycoon. One of his specialties was the construction and operation of incredible casinos and hotels. In 1991, the Taj Mahal Trump went bankrupt and the Trump Plaza followed the same path in 1992. They were reorganized in 1995 to become Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts. This company also went bankrupt in 2004. Trump Entertainment has also gone bankrupt.

2. Trump has already dated Anna Nicole Smith Anna Nicole

Trump married Ivana Zelnickova Winklmayr, a former model, in 1977. However, they divorced in 1991. He later married Marla Maples in 1993, with whom he had a child. Between his first two marriages, however, Donald Trump dated the model and celebrity Anna Nicole Smith.

3. Trump has filed several lawsuits

The only thing Donald Trump seems to like suing people. Author Timothy O’Brien of the New York Times was prosecuted by Trump for accusing him of making false statements about his wealth. Trump said it was worth billions, while O’Brien said in a book he wrote about Mr. Trump that the value of the business magnate was between $150 million and $250 million. The lawsuit was dismissed by the court in 2009. In 2015, Trump sued Univision because they did not want to broadcast the beauty contests it represented because of Trump’s comments about illegal immigrants. Over the years, Trump has filed a number of other lawsuits.

4. Donald Trump doesn’t drink alcohol

Although many of Donald Trump’s casinos and hotels can be filled with an infinite amount of alcohol, Mr. Trump insists that he does not drink. Not only does Donald Trump not to drink alcohol, but he said he has never drunk in his life. The reason he abstains is both personal and sad. His older brother had been suffering from alcoholism for years before he died of the disease. It was reported that Fred Trump warned his younger brother not to end up like him. Not only does Trump avoid alcohol, but also cigarettes and drugs.

5. Donald Trump hit hard with the television show The Apprentice

In 2004, Trump became the star and executive director of NBC’s reality TV show The Apprentice. Even though Trump was already extremely rich, he was paid $375,000 for each episode of the show. The show was so successful that a new format was introduced: The Celebrity Apprentice. This was launched after 6 seasons of the original show. The main premise of the program is that participants are trying to find a place in one of Trump’s many organizations.

6. Trump actually shaved Vince McMahon’s head

During the Battle of the Billionaires, Trump and McMahon selected players to represent them in the ring. Trump and McMahon made a bet together in which the person whose representative would lose should shave his head. Trump’s representative won the wrestling match. So he was involved in shaving McMahon’s head.

7. Trump claims he’s never used an ATM before

During a visit to Late Night with Conan O’Brien Trump said he never used an ATM. This may surprise some people, but when it comes to banking transactions, Trump probably has accountants and assistants who handle this kind of thing. Maybe he’s old-fashioned and goes to the bank to withdraw large amounts of money. It seems to be Trump’s style to carry a large amount of cash.

8. The president has a star on the Walk of Fame

After the success of the reality show The Apprentice, Donald Trump was awarded a star on Walk of Fame. The star was unveiled on January 16, 2007.

9. Donald Trump once owned a football team

In 1983, Trump decided to buy a football team. It was reported that Trump bought the team for $9 million. He said he bought it for $5 million. The team was part of the United States Football League (USFL). Trump’s team became one of the best in the USFL, but in a few years, the spring football league no longer existed.

10. Donald Trump is a social media fanatic

Donald Trump likes to stay involved in social media, and Twitter in particular. It is reported that he sends about 372 Tweets per month. That’s an average of about 12 Tweets a day!