Here Is What Your Dog Is Trying To Tell You Through These Common Behaviours

Through certain common behaviours, your dog tries to communicate things to you that he unfortunately cannot tell you otherwise.


Your dog obviously cannot talk to you since he does not have the ability to speak, but despite this, he tries, in his own way, to get a few messages across to you. These are transmitted to you by certain common behaviours that all dogs have and which may seem harmless, but don’t get me wrong: even if these behaviours are recurrent, each time your dog tries to tell you something. Here is what your pet wants to share with you based on its actions.

1. Your dog has a high opinion of you if he sleeps in your bed


If your four-legged friend prefers to sleep with you rather than on the floor or even in his own bed, it means that you are the most important person in your dog’s life. He wants to spend as much time as possible with you, even if you are sleeping during this time.

So if your dog tries to get on the bed with you to sleep, you should consider it the ultimate compliment. Moreover, it will make him incredibly happy.

2. Being pushed is a sign of affection

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Getting tackled by your dog when you walk through the door is not always the most pleasant experience. Sometimes it can scratch you unintentionally or, if it is big enough, hit you. However, it’s not that he’s trying to get your attention or bother you, he’s just expressing his joy of seeing you.

The act of jumping on you is like a human jumping for joy. He wants to show how much they missed you and how happy he is that you’re back.

3. Your dog may not want to play ball

If a dog carries a ball or toy in his mouth, it does not necessarily mean that he wants to play ball. In fact, it can sometimes mean exactly the opposite. Dogs often bring toys to the people they love so you can play with them too.

They want to show it to you and let you enjoy it too, so instinctively throw away everything your dog brings to you could hurt them.

4. What it means if your dog stares at you before you leave

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Leaving your dog at home can be difficult to do. They know you’re leaving and that can make them sad. Some dogs sit and look at you calmly as you walk through the door, which can make you feel guilty. However, their calm proves that even if they are sad that you are leaving, they are assured that you will return.

If your dog is particularly calm when you leave him, it is because he trusts you and will wait patiently for your return.

5. Eye movements

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When it comes to the mood of dogs, it is very similar to humans. You can say so many things just by looking at their eyes. If they are sad or tired, their eyes will pull down and your puppy will look at the ground. If they are excited, their eyes will be wide open and they will look everywhere around them.

If they want something, they can look at you and raise their eyebrows as if they were asking you a question. For most dogs, looking at their eyes will tell you more than their tail.

6. If your dog is leaning on you, he is hugging you

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Have you ever noticed that your dog leans on you every time you hang around? It may not even be very visible, but we bet your puppy has put his body weight against you more times than you could count.

That doesn’t mean they’re lazy and can’t manage on their own, they are actually kissing you. This is one of the ways they have to physically connect with you and can initiate.

7. Hugs after their meal


Does your dog like to come and snuggle up after eating? Just like sleeping in your bed, it’s another sign that you’re one of their favourite people (if not their favourite!). After a meal, they may be ready to take a nap and they want to do so in your comforting presence.

8. Yawning does not only mean that your dog is tired

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Although yawning may seem like a natural sign of fatigue, it is a little different for dogs. Although we see our dogs yawning all the time, it’s actually a very good sign. This means that they feel safe around you and trust you.

In nature, yawning is considered a sign of submission, so when you see your dog yawning 15 times a day, it means he is completely relaxed.

9. When your dog puts a paw in the air, they are trying to find something

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Has your dog ever walked around and suddenly stopped by lifting a leg? While this may seem unusual, it is quite natural. That means they’re trying to find a solution. It’s physical proof that the workings of their mind are working!

Usually, when they do that, they sniff like crazy in all directions. They’re the ones who play detective and try to find something that catches their attention.

10. Yawning can also mean that your dog is uncomfortable

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Although a dog can feel very comfortable yawning around a person, constant yawning in public (or when a dog is not as comfortable) can mean something completely different. When they yawn in public, it does not necessarily mean they are sleepy and it is time to go home, it is a sign that your dog may be uncomfortable or anxious.

So keep an eye out, and if your dog does this in an unknown place, it’s probably because he’s uncomfortable.

11. The reason your pet wants to lie on your feet is adorable


If you have a dog, it is not uncommon to feel it lying on your feet, whether you are sitting on the couch or at the table. Some people may find this annoying at times while others may think it is adorable.

However, what it really means when a dog lies on your feet is that he wants to feel as close to you as possible, but it is also a sign of protection. In addition, the second they feel you are getting up, they will gladly get up to allow you to move.

12. Making their tongues go is one way to apologize


Apparently, when a dog knows he has done something wrong and wants to apologize, he will come up to you and pull his tongue out of his mouth as a sign of apology. It is essentially they who recognize that they know they have done something wrong and that they are sorry.

Typically, when a dog does this, it will also try to look as innocent as possible because it knows that we humans melt in front of their adorable faces, even if they have relieved themselves on the couch.

13. Why your dog eats furniture


If your dog is constantly chewing furniture, whether he is a puppy or not, it means he doesn’t get enough exercise and doesn’t know how to spend his energy otherwise. Walking them may not solve all your problems, but it is a step in the right direction.

It’s usually quite clear when your dog doesn’t exercise enough, and it’s one of the biggest signs. So, if you are tired of your dog destroying your furniture, helping him to be more active should become a priority.

14. Tilt its head to the side

Many people speak louder when they talk to their dog. When you talk to your dog with your “dog voice”, they sometimes lean their heads to the side as if they were trying to listen to what you say.

While this may be true, it does not mean that they react differently because of your voice change. What they are really trying to do is to choose certain words like “treat”, “walk” or “out”.

15. What it means when your dog howls

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Although some people may find a dog’s howling particularly unpleasant, they don’t do it just to irritate you. Just as humans feel good when they scream or cry, dogs feel the same when they howl. It is a kind of liberation that helps them to get rid of any internal feelings they may have inside.

While most people assume that dogs howl like wolves to assert their domination, they really do it because it feels good for them!

16. Why your dog walks in a circle before lying down

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This is particularly interesting. Have you ever noticed that dogs often go around in circles before lying down? It’s a habit they may have inherited from their wolf ancestors. Wolves do this before lying down to flatten leaves or debris that could make their resting place uncomfortable.

Although it is unlikely that there will be much debris around your dog’s bed or on the kitchen floor, it is an interesting and humorous habit to have.

17. Panting helps your puppy calm down

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If your dog is constantly panting, it means that he is overheating. Panting is a way for dogs to cool down, because they don’t sweat like we humans do. So, if a dog panting aggressively, he tries to regulate his temperature and probably needs a little water to help him too.

If the dog is not hot, he can try to relieve pain or stress. Although most dogs pant regularly, it is important to keep an eye on them depending on the situation.

18. Barking can mean different things

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A dog’s barking can mean a lot depending on the situation, how he barks and what he barks at. If a dog barks particularly loudly and quickly, it may show aggressiveness or may feel dangerous and try to warn you.

If a dog makes short, soft barks, it may mean that he wants to play and is excited. However, if you hear a dog scream loudly, it most likely means that it is suffering.

19. Muzzle wrinkles

Unfortunately, not all dog behaviour means that they are happy and want to be friendly. When a dog folds its snout, it is most likely a sign of aggression. If they go a little further to show their teeth and even growl, you should take this as a warning to stop what you are doing that annoys them or to get away from the situation.

Such actions mean that the dog is ready to attack at any time.

20. What your dog really says when he gives you “puppy eyes”


Most people assume that when a dog makes “puppy eyes” at you, he begs you or tries to be cute so that you give him attention (or a delicious treat). However, the reality is that they show you love and affection.

When they look at you innocently, it means they love you and it’s like he’s giving you a hug or a kiss. So if you catch your dog looking at you like that, it’s because you’re doing something good.