These intriguing images captured by drones show unexpected and bizarre scenes

Now that drones are accessible to everyone, we are lucky enough to have access to incredible photos that we would not otherwise be able to see.


UAV sales have reached new highs in recent years. Just a few years ago, the prospect would have seemed unlikely for the average civilian, at a time when these unmanned aerial vehicles were only being discussed for military purposes. But nowadays, drones are increasingly used for recreational purposes and most of them are now equipped with high-quality cameras, making it even easier for those who have difficulty accessing images from captivating and impossible angles. UAVs are now also used by retailers, hospitals, law enforcement and even sporting events to capture angles that are difficult to access from the ground. But sometimes, drones capture the strangest and most unexpected scenes of our daily lives that a normal camera simply cannot capture. Here are some examples of captivating drone images showing unexpected and bizarre scenes.

1A great white shark

The West Australian

This image was taken off the coast of southern California as part of a documentary film by Mark Romanov and Forrest Galante on the relationship between humans and sharks. The two women, Jessica and Kelly, can be seen paddling while the dark silhouette of a large white shark can be seen swimming below the surface.