The Top 10 Cat Breeds For Unconditional Love

There are tons of cat breeds out there. How can you make the right choice? Here is a list of the top 10 cat breeds for a happy home filled with feline love.


Cats have a bad reputation. Many people think these felines are aloof, independent and unaffectionate. However, this is not actually true. Some cat breeds have great personalities and are very affectionate with their owners. Here are the top 10 cat breeds for all the cat lovers out there.

1. The oriental

Mike Lavoie/Flickr

Smart and social, the Oriental cat will easily bond with its owner. Many people say this type of cat is very similar to a dog since it is vocal and sometimes demanding.

2. The American shorthair

?? ?/Flickr

This type of cat can live for 15-20 years and comes in a wide range of colours and patterns. If you have young kids, know that the American shorthair loves children and even dogs!

3. The Birman

Richard White/Flickr

This gorgeous blue-eyed cat is said to have originated from Burma. Its long silky hair and piercing blue eyes give it a unique look. Loving, gentle, and playful, the Birman is perfect for busy families.

4. The Sphynx

Shannon Badiee/Flickr

Almost hairless (it does have a fine peach-like fuzz all over its body), the Sphynx is not for everyone. An indoor cat, it loves to cuddle with its owner and is very energetic and curious.

5. The Ragdoll

Visa Kopu/Flickr

Gentle, affectionate but unable to defend itself, we recommend you keep this little feline inside at all times. Just like a puppy, the Ragdoll will follow its owner from room to room for attention.

6. The Siamese


Creatures of habit, the Siamese are very verbally demanding but they are also loving, social and affectionate. They live for about 11-15 years and they are very playful so you need to take the time to play with the daily.

7. The Abyssinian


Super cute, the Abyssinian is one of the oldest breeds of cats. Very wilful, smart and extroverted, they will explore and play all day. Even if it is timid around strangers, it is a great family pet.

8. The exotic shorthair

Bryant Wong/Flickr

Its squashed face and rounded ears makes this cat breed unique and very cute. If you don’t want to spend tons of time grooming your cat, this breed is a good choice for you. If you have a family, we recommend you choose another cat breed.

9. The Maine coon

Jorbasa Fotografie/Flickr

This is one of the largest domestic cat breeds. The Maine coon has thick fur with a waterproof layer so this breed can withstand harsh weather. It’s a great addition to any family.

10. The Persian

stratman² (2 many pix!)/Flickr

The Persian cat is very calm and affectionate. They are indoor cats and we suggest you wait until your kids are a bit older and more mature if you want this feline in your home.

Source: She Knows