The real-life relationships of Game Of Thrones Actors

Plot twists in Game of Thrones touch every possible theme, and romance is certainly not an exception. But what about GoT actors' real-life couples? Are they luckier than their character when it comes to love? Does the cast have their own power couples? Discover the actual relationships of the actors of the show.


We all felt grief when Khal Drogo passed. Him and Khaleesi were one of most people’s favourite on-screen couple. But, fortunately, in real life, Drogo, or should we say Jason Momoa is alive and well and is completely in love. He, however, is dating someone else. And on top of that, the two make quite an iconic couple…While we’re all well aware of the often tumultuous relationships in Game of Thrones, one of the most popular TV shows ever, the actors’ personal lives are usually less well known.

Are there any GoT real-life couples? Are their love lives as crazy as their characters’? Learn more about who are the actors dating in real life. Some of them might quite surprise you with their choices.

Keep reading to discover the real-life partners of actors of one of the most popular show ever.

10. Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet

Momoa met the love of his love when he was only 8. How romantic right? Furthermore, her darling is 12 years older than him! He and Lisa have been dating since 2005 and have two children together.

9. Kit Harington and Rose Leslie

Yes! A GoT real life couple! An what a great one as well. We loved them on-screen and it seems that they love each other off-screen as well. The couple tied the knot in June 2018. If only we were invited…

8. Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas

When Sophie met Joe Jonas, it was love at first sight. They make quite a surprising couple, but it seems that they are happy together as they got engaged.

7. Maisie Williams and Ollie Jackson

Maisie Williams became one of the most famous actresses ever when she was only 13 years old. Unlike Maisie, Ollie is not a famous actor. These two actually met at school and have been dating for more than 5 years!

6. Jonathan Pryce and Kate Fahy

Jonathan Pryce might seem threatening in GoT, but, in real life, he is quite the sweetheart. He and his wife Kate Fahy have three children together. When they met, they both were married to other people and ended their marriages two weeks after their first encounter!

5. Lena Headey and Dan Cadan

You might not recognize her here, but this lovely lady is, in fact, Cersei in GoT. And in real-life, she is a very good, loving person. She is married to her long-time boyfriend Dan Cadan, popular filmmaker. They live in the UK with their 2-year-old-daughter and Dan’s son from his previous marriage.

4. Peter Dinklage and Erica Schmidt

In the show, Tyrion is a ladies’ man. But, in reality, he is happily married to charming Erica Schmidt, an award-winning playwright and theatre director. The couple has two children together.

3. Emilia Clarke and Charlie McDowell

This is one relationship isn’t confirmed, but it seems that Emilia Clarke is dating Charlie McDowell. but they still haven’t made it official… Yet. McDowell is an actor and director.

2. Alfie Allen and Allie Teilz

Fortunately, Alfie Allen lives a much happier life than his character. In addition to being Lilly Allen’s younger brother, he is dating famous DJ Allie Teilz. The couple has a baby girl together.

1. Nathalie Emmanuel and Alex Lanipekun

Khaleesi’s trusted handmade is dating a fellow actor. Alex Lanipekun’s career, just like Nathalie’s, is on the rise.

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