This Is Why Your Cat Eat Grass!

Animals sometimes act in a very strange way. If you've always wanted to understand your cat's or dog's behaviour, read this article now.


We do not always understand why our pets adopt certain behaviors. It has to be said that sometimes they act in a rather strange way, which leads us to question their behavior. However, by examining their past (before they are domesticated), we can find some likely answers. Indeed, dogs are domesticated wolves. As a result, their behaviors are the result of the wolf pack. However, some of their behaviour remains quite strange. Here are some of these behaviors explained.

1Taking the snout


When two dogs hang out together and one seems to bite the snout of the other, it may be a little shocking to the owners, but it’s not something to worry about. It is just a social behavior that dogs inherited from their ancestors the wolves. Dogs assert their social relations in this way: the dog that bites the other dog asserts its position of authority and reassures the other dog, who does not feel safe.