Here’s How To Get Free Articles From Walmart

People shop at Walmart for the low prices offered in store. Did you know, however, that you can get several articles for free?


Everyone likes to shop cheaply and save money. That’s why many people shop at Walmart. What many people don’t know is that you can not only make purchases at very attractive prices but also get free items when you shop at Walmart. Want to learn more? Find out now how to get free items and save more money at your next shopping session.

1. Combine coupons

Beauty products often have quite exceptional coupons and offer. Whenever possible, you should combine them with the liquidation prices to get a free product.

2. Get Walmart gift cards with Swagbucks and Honey

The Swagbucks application will ask you to do small tasks such as watching a video or doing a survey to accumulate your Swagbucks. Honey will give you back a percentage of money in Honey Gold when you buy online in some stores. After you have earned enough Swagbucks or Honey Gold, you can exchange them for gift cards at various stores, including Walmart. Honey Gold is redeemable at 1,000 points ($10 Gift Card) while Swagbucks is redeemable for 300 Swagbucks ($3 Amazon Gift Card).

3. Find deals on soap and shower gel

Be on the lookout for bargains on soap and shower gel. You could save a lot of money, for example, by using a coupon found on Smartsource and combining it with the liquidation price of Softsoap hand soap.

4. Always check if there are coupons for string cheese

The string cheese is one of the essential items for children’s meals. Therefore, if you find free coupons for this food, keep them.

5. Turn a candy bar into a source of income

Combine the coupons you find on the chocolate bars. We recently saw a transaction for a $0.65 Hershey’s bar that was already discounted to $0.50 and ended up costing only $0.15.

6. Download the Ibotta application

When you register with Ibotta, you get $10. Use the application to find discounts and get cashback on your purchases that you can use on your next Walmart transaction. It’s no more complicated than that!

7. Check the coupons for mustard

The supply price of mustard is $0.10, but sometimes, with coupons, you can get it for free. Make sure you find the brands for sale, simply. Often, it is wise to choose the smallest size in order to get it for free.

8. Buy a banana for free

Did you know that you can buy a single banana at Walmart for $0.18? Combine this with a store coupon to get it for free!

9. Use Walmart’s free grocery van

Have you made a lot of purchases at Walmart? Please note that you do not have to pay to use the store’s van. Indeed, this service is totally free of charge!

10. Get free shipping in 2 days if you spend more than $35

Shipping is often free when you spend more than $35 on the Walmart website. There are however some exceptions, so it is better to check your shopping list before making the online payment.

11. Combine coupons with discounted items

This is the best way to find free items at Walmart, as they can often turn into cash with the amount left on the coupon. Recently, we saw an offer of hand soap that was in liquidation for $0.75. With a coupon of $1.00, it became a source of income of $0.25.