Man Buys New House. Then His Gut Tells Him To Dig In His Backyard

When this man bought his new home, he was quite surprised. He didn't expect to make such a discovery in his garden at all!


When John Sims bought his new home in Tucson, Arizona, he didn’t expect to make an extraordinary discovery. It all started with an intriguing rumor about something mysterious buried underground revealed by the former owner of his new home. As the rumor has it, John’s backyard contained a secret that contained frightening memories. So, without any direction, he started digging feverishly in his garden. What he was about to discover was much more than he would have dared to imagine. Read here to discover what this incredible discovery was in the American’s backyard!

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Facebook/John Sims

John Sims bought a new home in downtown Tucson, Arizona. The previous owner was a friend of his, so he knew he didn’t have to worry about the property he was buying. However, when his friend gave him the keys to his property, he also sent him a strange message.

There was a mystery around the property, something huge to discover. John had no idea that his friend’s enigmatic message would be the beginning of a series of events that would soon make the whole state speak.