Here Are 10 Things That Starbucks Absolutely Doesn’t Want You To Know

Starbucks is a very popular coffee shop. However, if you are used to picking up your latte there, here are 10 things you should know.


Since its inception in 1971, Starbucks has grown from a small roaster in Seattle to one of the most widespread establishments on the planet. By 2018, the chain had nearly 30,000 points of sale worldwide, from Argentina to New Zealand. Although this popular chain is best known for its coffees and espresso drinks. However, Starbucks has expanded its service offering to include teas, specialty drinks, cold-pressed juices and even a variety of food products. It must be said, however, that Starbucks’ food is the subject of much discussion. While many people enjoy the convenience of having a salad with their lunch coffee, others find the quality of the food to be poor. The fact is that despite its long history of coffee and its high-quality brand, Starbucks is becoming, in a way, a fast food restaurant as well as a coffee restaurant. Given the speed with which food gets into your hands, it may be unreasonable to expect you to be amazed by the food offered by Starbucks. That said, there are still many secrets about their food selection that Starbucks would prefer you not to know. Indeed, here are 10 things that this restaurant chain would rather you didn’t know…

1They use lighting and merchandising to encourage you to buy more

Attempting customers to complete their coffee order with a $3 bakery helps Starbucks franchisees maintain their profits. 22% of Starbucks’ sales came from food in 2017. But how exactly do they encourage customers to choose this blueberry scone? It’s a question of psychology.

Starbucks uses a variety of psychological tactics designed to encourage consumers to spend more and feel more loyal to the brand in general. Starbucks opts for natural building materials and the absence of dollars on the menu. Also, the catering chain lights up the food crate. The area with sandwiches and pastries will generally be the brightest place in the entire restaurant to draw your attention to the display.