The 15 Most Expensive Cities For Your Vacation

It is not always easy to choose your next travel destination. Here are 15 places where travel is extremely expensive!


Are you planning your next vacation and would like to not empty your entire bank account? In this case, it is better to avoid certain travel destinations. Indeed, it is no secret that some places are known to be expensive. Every year, Hoppa surveys to reveal the world’s most expensive travel destinations. It reviewed 84 destinations around the world, revealing the total average price of a hotel, food, drinks and a taxi ride (2 miles) per person per night. Here is an overview of the most expensive destinations according to the survey conducted by Hoopa.

1Hong Kong – $141

Hong Kong is one of the most expensive places to travel to. Ordering a beer will cost you an average of $6 in this city of 7 million people. Its main tourist attractions include Victoria Peak Mountain, its ocean park, the perfect island of Lantau and, of course, its own Disneyland.