The 23 Most Beautiful Places To Get Married In The World!

You would like to get married, but don't know yet where to celebrate this special event? Here is a selection of the most beautiful places in the world where you can unite with the person you love.


It is well known that spring and summer are considered as the wedding seasons. If you don’t want to celebrate your wedding with a hundred people, why not go and get married in a beautiful place? You will have an intimate adventure just for you and your partner. Here are 23 ideas of places to get married. These spectacular destinations will certainly make you want to have a smaller wedding, certainly a great one with the person who matters most in your life.

23. The blue waters of Lake Louise

Karra Leigh Photography

The turquoise blue mixed with emerald gives this lake the appearance of a sublime painting. To make things even more beautiful, this glacial lake is located in Banff National Park, so the snow-covered mountains in the background of the lake will give your photos a breathtaking beauty. The best part is that after saying “yes”, you can embark on adventurous activities with your new companion. Cross-country skiing, snowboarding, fishing, snowmobiling, hiking and ice climbing.

22. The steep coastline of Dunluce Castle

Priscila Valentina Photography

Flee to the steep coastlines and iconic ruins of the historic Dunluce Castle in Ireland. Who wouldn’t want to start their newlywed’s life in such a setting? You can get married in front of a real castle while having a breathtaking view of the sea.

21. Under an ice cave

MJ Studios

Elizabeth and Brian had never been to Iceland before their escapade. Their ceremony took place in an ice cave on Reynisfjara Beach in Vik, in southern Iceland, amid rock formations and black sand. There was light rain with a warm sun shining between the clouds. The couple, who wrote their vows, were married by Tryggvi Gunnarsson. The wind on the beach made it impossible to hear what they were saying, so it was a very private wedding, but a picture is worth a thousand words. A wedding cake in a plastic box and champagne in plastic cups has never tasted better.

20. A misty forest by the lake at Sundance

Kristen Marie Parker

Mekel and Chris wanted to have a very intimate wedding in Sundance, Utah. The couple drove up a mountain, parked and walked a kilometre with their photographer Kristen Marie Parker until they found the place that was perfect for them.

19. A misty Palazzo in Venice

Archetype Studio

Venice is extremely romantic, you can’t go wrong by getting married in this beautiful place, just like this couple did! You will have fond memories of it, we are sure of it.

18. The majestic trees of Big Sur

The Why We Love

Stephen and Alicia’s intimate wedding in Big Sur took place at the beautiful Post Ranch Inn. The lovers exchanged their wishes among the majestic Redwoods booth located on the Post Ranch property.

17. The sandy and isolated beach of Normandy

Fabien Courmont

In Normandy, near Varengeville Sur Mer, forest and agricultural commune, this pretty couple married with their dog with a simple and intimate exchange of wishes.

16. South coast of Iceland

Master Jüriado

If you want to get married in a place with an unusual décor, Iceland is perfect for you! The dark and geometric rocks give off a particular atmosphere. This country with its breathtaking scenery will offer you a darker setting.

15. The misty forest of the island of Orcas

Kristen Marie Parker

The magnificent 57 square mile shores of the Orca Islands are filled with fields, old barns, beautiful parks, hiking trails and marine life. This island is a spectacular experience for whale watching and kayaking. Outdoor lovers who want to start their lives together will be delighted.

14. The steep rock face of Rattlesnake Ridge Ridge Ridge

Benji Haisch Photography

The cliffs offer breathtaking pictures, especially when you focus on the safety of the couple. What more can I say about the panorama seen from such a high place? It’s simply sublime!

13. Rainy day on Stradbroke Island

Shane Shepherd

Brown Lake on Stradbroke Island in Queensland, Australia, is a beautiful lake. In addition to celebrating your wedding, you can also enjoy whale and dolphin watching.

12. In the Tofino Rainforest

Daring Wanderer

This region is a perfect mix of rainforest, storm and beach. Also, you and your family can stay at the luxurious Wickaninnish Inn. This place will undoubtedly allow you to have an unforgettable stay.

11. A gondola filled with flowers

Zoom Theory

If you live in the western United States and want a European-style runaway, this is the place for you. Add to that the cable car and you get a perfectly comfortable ride so that the children have a truly unique experience.

10. Sources Eureka

Leah Marie Landers Photography

Escapades are often associated with choosing an impromptu and picturesque place in the wild. We like that this small chapel in the woods “combines” nature with the tradition of a chapel.

9. Kauai Waterfall

Jonas Peterson

The warm weather, the greenery and abundance of waterfalls make it an ideal destination for couples who want to escape and take some friends and family with them to celebrate their union.

8. A reflecting lake and two giant snow-covered mountains

Cat Mayer Studio

Natalie and Lincoln blindly chose Maroon Bells as their wedding venue based on the photos they had seen online. After planning a big traditional wedding, they interrupted all their plans and fled to this majestic lake instead. They did not regret it!

More than 300 million years of geological activity are credited to the creation of the Maroon Valley! The mountains of this place have a dreamy brown hue that surrounds the lake whose basin is sculpted by glaciers.

7. White Sands National Monument New Mexico

The Colagrossis

The countless white dunes and blue sky will make your wedding a magical moment. This place is one of the most ethereal settings on the list and will bring out any dress with its incomparably soft colours.

6. Centennial bridge over Canungra Creek

Juddric Photography

Taking the time to make a perfectly unique getaway as a couple is an intimate and unique experience that you can’t get enough of. Also, this wooded backdrop adds to the fact that you can travel in isolation with the person you love most in the world.

5. Abandoned stone house in the Columbia River Gorge

Phil Chester

Do you want to get married in a unique and charming place? Why not opt for a ruined house in the Columbia River Gorge? The forest will give you all the privacy you are looking for as well as an enchanting setting.

4. Large serrated rocks overlooking the vast Pacific Ocean

Mariel Hannah Photography

Just 20 minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge, the hospitaler Pelican Inn rests in Muir Beach in the sea fog, among pines and alders, honeysuckle and jasmine. It is a refuge between the ocean, the Muir Woods and the national parks in Northern California. You will have a sublime setting to exchange your wishes, no doubt about it!

3. Bali’s rice fields

Apel Photography

The gold and green tones blend perfectly with nature, making it a great place to take wedding photos. Besides, you can stay at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai for an unforgettable honeymoon.

2. A mountain in New Zealand

Oli Sansom

Why choose this place? Because the mountain tops offer a breathtaking view of the surroundings and usually bring gusts of wind with them. Dresses and sails look magical when worn in the breezes of the wind. Also, arriving by helicopter is an experience in itself.

1. The summit of a volcano in Santorini

Benj Haisch

We love the way the volcano and the foggy sky add drama and weight to such a memorable day. Also, Santorini is beautiful, regardless of the weather, and you can do many activities there!