Top 10 fashion trends for women according to Pinterest

Are you wondering what the trendy looks of the season are? We found the 10 biggest fashion trends for women on Pinterest.


It goes without saying that magazines are a reference for women’s fashion. Of course, you can also get inspired with the internet, especially with websites like Pinterest, to know the best new fashion trends. In fact, with more than 16 billion fashion ideas on Pinterest, anyone can easily find a source of inspiration for every day looks. Here are 10 top trends for women’s fashion according to Pinterest. 

1. A passion for logos

Fashion is all about logos this year. Wear your favourite brand’s logos, whether it is Calvin Klein’s, Tommy Hilfiger’s or Adidas’. What you need to remember is to wear big logos, and that they need to be vintage.

2. Giant earrings

Giant (statement) earrings are back in a big way. We like them in geometric shapes or in extra large hoops, golden or silver. Wear them with a dark outfit to showcase them and make them pop!

3. Wear wide-leg pants

Store your skinny jeans because wide-leg pants are totally trending. In fact, you don’t have to look for a pant that’s super tight anymore. You can wear your loose and baggy pants all while staying fashionable.

4. Beret

Berets are no longer considered the fashion accessory of the American tourist visiting France. It is now a true staple for any real fashionista.

5. Long coats

Don’t be scared to dare to wear long coats. This is what’s trending this season. Jackets, kimonos, and vests are all worn below the knees. If you’re scared to trip, wear pretty heels to be taller.

6. Wear plastic

Don’t throw away plastic: wear it instead! Pinterest is filled with examples of patent leather and vinyl boots. Whether you prefer colours that pop or more neutral ones, you will find the right boots that fit your style.

7. Try slits

Slits are everywhere on shirts and tunics, midi dresses as well as on pants. It is an original and seductive addition on any piece of clothing. You will appreciate slits on your pants, especially during the summertime.

8. Wear raw denim

Forget about stretchy jeans. Raw denim is back in force according to Pinterest. Numerous fashionistas have pinned it on their boards. This cotton classic looks good worn with a relax shirt or with a dressier one. You decide!

9. Funky socks

Delicate socks are taking over thick, wooly socks. Wear them with open-toe sandals, pumps, or with a bootie to add a bit of style and extravagance to your feet.

10. Create a whole look with your shoes

Who said shoes had to be boring? If we rely on Pinterest, shoes have a lot of style and personality this year! Yes, shoes with added details like buckles, pearls and nails are trendy.