5 inspirations to improvise a delicious barbecue with friends

You don't have a barbecue but you'd love to take advantage of this cooking method to cook for your friends? Here are some tricks to improvise your own BBQ!


It is well known that summer is the barbecue season and it is an ideal time to celebrate with friends. Cooking on the barbecue is affordable, quick and always fun, so why deprive yourself of it? However, not everyone is lucky enough to have a BBQ. Indeed, some of these cooking appliances can cost up to $300 (without filling the gas tanks). Also, you need space to store them. Here are 5 tips to improvise a barbecue with friends in less time than it takes to snap your fingers!

1. Create a BBQ with a tin can

2. Reuse a wheel rim

3. Cook your food with a washing machine drum

4. Give your flowerpot a second life

5. Cook with your clay flower pot


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