Here are the first swimsuits that imitate the body of a hairy man!

If you've always wanted to be someone else by the pool, this is your lucky day! These swimsuits imitate the body of a hairy man.


Have you ever wished you had someone else’s body when going to the pool or beach? A shirt company invented swimsuits printed with the chest of a hairy man. The shirts sell for $44 (£35) and are available in three different skin tones.

1. The company offers swimwear – with a design that is traditionally worn by women – printed with a hairy male chest.

The $44 (£35) suit, designed by Beloved Shirts, is available in different skin tones and was shown to the company’s 105,000 Instagram disciples.

The “Sexy Chest Swimsuit” comes with the slogan: “Make the boys at the pool say ″WTF!″” and is the latest in a series of original company designs, whose own slogan is “Yep – they’re real!”.

A person tries on the suit and reflects on the interesting positioning of the design…


2. A man sits at the edge of a bath in the “sexy chest” bathing suit


3. The swimsuit, called “Sexy Chest Swimsuit” is digitally printed with the chest of a hairy man. And in case you were wondering, the picture continues to the back…



4. The bathing suit also comes in a darker colour.


5.  Here’s a lighter shade.


While many people on social networks have asked if extravagant swimsuits were actually just a joke created in Photoshop, it seems that hairy swimsuits are real and can be purchased via the company’s website.