Here are 10 essential tricks for your next camping trip

If you adore camping and are thinking of going on a trip with your loved ones soon, here are some tips and tricks that can help keep things organized.


Do you impatiently wait for the summer season to arrive so you can take out your tent, your sleeping bag and go off on a new nature-filled adventure? We completely understand you! Camping is a fantastic activity that allows you to spend quality time with your loved ones in a beautiful outdoor setting. In order for your camping holiday to be ideal, you have to prepare a ton of stuff before you actually leave. Here are 10 tips and tricks to know so your trip is a success. 

1. Wash your hands with a container filled with recycled water

If you boil water or use it for something else, collect it and use it to wash your hands.

2. Light up your tent with an empty water jug and a headlamp

If you need light in your tent and are afraid of starting a fire, a simple headlamp and water jug can quickly become the perfect night light to keep you company.

3. Transport your spices intelligently

Small tic tac containers can easily become the perfect container for spices to bring when you go camping. These jars will not absorb moisture, so your spices will stay perfectly fresh!

4. Create a portable shower with a container and a shower head

Your water jug can be turned into a portable shower if you feel the need to wash while camping.

5. Store your kitchen essentials in a shoe organizer

If you don’t have a shoe rack in your tent, then you don’t know anything about staying organized. With velcros, this small shoe holder hangs wherever you want!

6. Keep your toilet paper far from humidity

Have you thought of putting your toilet paper in old coffee containers? In fact, these containers are designed to keep moisture out, so your paper will stay dry and in good condition throughout your stay.

7. Store all your accessories in a shoe organizer

Once again, this shoe rack quickly saves the weekend when it comes to a well-organized tent. You can hang several things up and, thus, avoid anything from getting wet or dirty on the ground.

8. Make an air conditioner for the tent

We know, a tent under the sun can quickly give the effect of sleeping in a sauna. With a simple bin, some ice and a fan, you can easily ventilate and cool your tent so you can sleep better.

9. Easily light your fire with toilet paper rolls and dryer lint

Save on kindling with two things you have at home: dryer lint and toilet paper rolls. Put the lint in the rolls and quickly light a fire.

10. Plant sticks in your candles to add some light at night

A little bit of light on your property could save you a lot of trouble in the middle of the night.