10 genius and fun ideas to have the perfect beach day

Are you going to the beach during your summer vacation? Here are some super easy tips and tricks that will help you organize the best beach day.


It is finally time for summer vacation. You can finally spend some time outside with your kids at the beach to take advantage of the sun, tan a bit, have a picnic, swim or simply take some time for yourself by lying down with a good book. This requires, obviously, a minimum of organization so everything goes well and you don’t forget anything. Here are 10 genius tips and tricks to have a perfect beach day. After all, you absolutely deserve it!

1Bring an old fitted sheet

If you have young kids, bring an old fitted sheet you don’t use anymore, place bags in all four corners and like magic, you’ll have a no-sand zone so your kids can have fun all day long and won’t be covered in sand.